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Hello to all who appeared on this page! It is very important that you are interested in my work!

I am a graduate photographer.

A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography.

Member of the International Union of Photographers (IUP) International Union of Photographers

Accredited photographer

Number - NY2014 021 666 http://www.pressaccreditation.com/

I was born and lived in Moldova until I got married, then my journey began a long life ... At the moment, since November 2016, I live in Sweden, the city of Umeå.

My love for photography has come a long way since my childhood. My late brother was fond of film photography, sometimes he took me with him to his studio - it was magical! I still remember this time with great warmth in my heart. Then in Moldova I was sometimes photographed by a neighbor, I still keep the photo and appreciate it very much, the process of creating a photo attracted me with some inexplicable force.

I have come a long way towards professional photography. All that in my life came across in a small or to a greater extent related to fine art, as a child, I was very fond of drawing, but I could not realize my hobby in something more: school, lessons, well, in general it did not work out ... Now I still Sometimes I draw awkwardly. My favorite tools are pencils and a final camera. I did not think about the fact that sometime in my life I could become a photographer, for me it was something of a series of fiction.

My hobby for photography began in 2013, then I was engaged in charity and worked with one Children's Home while visiting my parents in Russia, at that time they had already left my homeland of Moldova. It all began with the fact that it took the photographer's services to take part in the children's home. A couple of times I managed to organize photo sessions for a friend, but more often everything was frustrated, to find a photographer who is willing to help is not difficult, the world is not without good people. But to find time and collect all at one time - this has become one of the main difficulties. Then I decided to buy my first camera and rushed ... Being an idealist I tried to improve my skills and more and more I got knowledge. My first diploma I received from the photo school in 2014, then there were others from other institutions, in other directions, I was very interested. Then I decided to get a professional education, because I understood that it was a serious matter and I had to study. Since I was in constant traveling, I had to look for distance education, and I found the New York Institute of Photography. I graduated from the institute in Qatar. I myself did not notice how my hobby was transformed into a profession and the love of my life. I found myself!

But of course I did not stop there, there were many master classes, online courses and a huge amount of practice. At the moment I have to pass a thesis to a well-known photographer in Russia and get a diploma about passing a master class. I plan to poison myself in the photo-trip and get the Swedish photo-formation. As one world-famous photographer said: "I photograph because I do not know how to do it." If I could, I would stop. " Josef Sudek.

I try to participate in various competitions and exhibitions. Publish your work in various media and magazines.

 Here are some of my awards diplomas and publications in magazines: